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Dick Lips – Ever wonder where that entire duck lips meme came from circa 2008?

Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

Dick Lips – Ever wonder where that entire duck lips meme came from circa 2008?

Well, my guess is the fact that it originated in drawing on big ass cock. I believe you’ll agree when the photos are seen by you on r/DickLips.

Oh Cum On – Over 10,000 Redditors head to this site to get strange and unique challenges for material to wank to. Is in reality pretty innovative, and I also think well well worth looking at.

Gay Bears – Muscles, bellies, and undoubtedly human body hair abounds right here, oh my!

Forearm Porn – Yep, evidently there was a fetish for guys with hot, pulsating, veiny forearms! Whether you’re into it or perhaps not, I’d still look it, if perhaps for the lolz.

Foreskin – Have a flavor for amateur pictures of other dude’s pricks with this unique bit that is extra of? Then love that is you’ll regarding the foreskin you’re treated to with this subreddit.

Pretty man Butts – Ba-donka donks galore – that’s what you’re gonna find with this subreddit. Needless to say, you’re going to locate asses which tend to be associated with muffin type instead of of this pancake variety. But I’m certain that’s perhaps perhaps not planning to be issue for your needs dudes.

Gay Cum Sluts – The cum sluts have actually united on Reddit and congregated right right here. On every web web web page, you will discover absolutely nothing but men drenched in cum – be it from by themselves or another person. Needless to say, there is large amount of variation in this fetish but to start to see the details, you need to click onto it to discover yourself.

Bi Gone Wild – men simply want to have some fun, particularly the bisexual ones. With this subreddit, you are going to find switch-hitting dudes showing their stunning bods.

Public Boys – Who does not love to flaunt? Well, me I Suppose. All things considered, if used to do begin publishing photos of my penis or the remainder of me personally, it’d probably break the web. (more…)