hey guys and welcome to today’s video so it is a Monday today and Monday to me are actually not that busy and I really appreciate my free Monday’s because I have very busy weekends usually or I don’t really have a weekend if you want to think of it like that so I am glad that I have a free day on Monday with not that many contact hours so yes we’ve already started studying apparently we are doing our teeth and I just decided that morning to read some lecture notes and these are the notes that we were going to be following that day in the lecture that I had at 12:00 but in the morning I have a few hours to myself so I decided actually to do it on camera to physically make myself do it because it is something that I am NOT a great fan of if I am totally honest with you and let’s be real who really changes the bedsheets every so many weeks as it is suggested ok so after doing all that stuff in the morning and getting some reading done whilst I was getting dressed in my teeth etc I sat down at my desk and I got up my diary as usual and because it’s a Monday I thought I needed to fill out my diary for that whole week so that I could plan I was gonna do and I knew where I was going to be at certain times and not I could plan my work around that I then moved on to my to-do list which I separated today into things that were work related and those other things that are either to admin or going to the shops buying food replying to emails stuff like that so I managed to across a load of stuff off my other two days which are using the last week super-good I then went straight into a macbook and did some emails filled in my to-do list a bit further because i had essays that had just been set by email and I’m not gonna lie that leads me quite nicely onto the question or topic that I wanted to talk about today and yes and that is about essays and how many I tend to write a week so as you guys know I am a science student I studied biology basically and even though science at school does not seem like a very essay based subject for biology in particular it is very heavily essay base especially when you get to university so it is written you do some calculations you do some maths but it is predominantly a written subject so it is quite difficult for me to say how many essays I write every week because it does vary and it does depend on what my supervisor has set and it depends on the module basically because I do three in my second year now but as I am doing a biology of disease essay at the moment as you are watching this I thought I’d start with that module so my supervisor for this does normally set some essays so this was the third essay that I have written this term for biology of disease we had been set to write an essay by our supervisor but I decided to write – based on the bacteriology lectures that we had just so that I could get them more practice and then this essay was about parasites the module that we had just been studying and the lectures at the moment so we have been set some other work in addition to doing essays so that’s included some multiple-choice questions if you see my videos you will know that I love them so yes I have done three essays and we’re currently in around week five so it’s not one I say a week so I wrote about half that essay before I went and decided I was too hungry to anymore and maintain breakfast and checked my phone that’s so cute of milk or at home in our cupboard with all the bananas and mum was like Milkha guarding a banana station look at my banana station but it’s literally non-existent those two bananas and the station is currently being taken over by these chocolate things that I got when the qutuz committee the other day after the show I need milk are with me here to guard my banana station because someone’s clearly been taking them all so I then made myself some breakfast and got back to writing my essay then moving on to the other two modules that I do this year because I do three all together I have written for self in developmental biology I’ve written three essays so far for that module and our supervisor for cdb is very very organized and she sets essays every other week so in the term which lasts eight weeks we will write a total of four essays and those get set on a regular basis we have a regular hand in date Monday 5 p.m. so I know exactly how those supervisions are structured and then finally for my new robot a module our supervisor is super super relaxed he does not set any essays at all we decide when we want to write essays if we’ve enjoyed a certain topic and we think we’re gonna write an essay on it in the exam then we can write an essay and hand it in and get feedback and I have actually written three essays I think for that module as well and then I thought you’d like to hear me mumbling away and chattering to myself reading over my essay which I just finished and was just checking through adding in some extra bits in a different colored pen I basically then had finished that essay I stapled it together wrote my name on the top put it back in my folder ready to be taken to our next occasion and I crossed off my to-do list oh my goodness yes that is actually the best thing to do I then did some other minor little admin things on my to-do list and crossed well so you know we were powering through the to do this today so we had headshots for varsity when we’re competing against Oxford come I’ll show you oh gosh I think they look very twilight themed and the way they’ve been edited it’s really weird my headshot oh so scary yes I will be their Oxford Ollie’s coming for you with the eyebrow look yes jido I browsed it I was a very big fan of Twilight when it came out and it was like a big thing I loved it so my younger self would be very happy with the editing of those pictures because they do look very like Twilight themed it’s pretty scary so my very one and only hour of contact time today was at 12 I had a biology of disease lecture and we’ve just started a new topic about atherosclerosis and heart disease and stuff and oh my goodness guys look at this I was sitting next to bath today and she has this amazing pencil case it is like a fluffy banana pencil case everyone say hello to birth by the way look there she is but that banana pencil case I am in love with I think it’s so amazing I then shuffled along the bench bit as you saw because somebody came in sat next to me just as the lecture started which was a bit of a disruption but oh well we got back to looking at the notes on the lining stuff as I do adding some extra things that the lecturer was mentioning trying to make sure like understand everything I then go back to my room and I felt that I needed to do some folder organization just to clear out my workspace and to stop my folders overflowing because at this point they were bulging some of them so you’re in for a treat today guys because I decided to make pancakes and last week it was pancake day but I was very busy and I didn’t have time to make them so I thought I would do it as a delayed little celebration whatever you want to call it so is everybody ready for the first flip three two and yes and not so impressive it was first one always goes wrong okay let’s see what this one’s like hopefully this this one’s probably burnt on the bottom as well ready oh darn it got too burnt one’s not so bad on the other side these are honestly the best and easiest pancakes ever please please try them no no no kissing okay so despite this one being a very weird shape here we go let’s see if we burnt this one alright are you ready oh that’s the color we’re looking for that is a good color we’ve got the temperature right now so somewhere on the screen now I’m going to leave a link to the video where I have the full description and the full method of how you can do it yourselves and it’s always going to be in the description box down below okay so I got very into my pancakes then but I decided not to take it too far just in case I lost at that final pancake I then made this like berry sauce things go on them which i think just adds a finishing touch as well as my fruit my berries my chia seeds coconut shreds cacao nibs and here we are people the finished product without a doubt this was the best thing I’d done that day it was the highlight of my Monday and the best way to start your week with pancakes I would literally eat these things every day I’d forgotten how good they taste but yeah as I said check out the video and make them yourself because you will love them I can assure you but whilst I was eating those I did decide to read this article that I was going to get some information from for my next essay which I started on after lunch so this time I was just starting from scratch and writing notes this essay in contrast to the one that I’d written in the morning was for neurobiology and it was specifically about development of the neural system which I really enjoyed so I thought I would write an essay on it and it was quite likely that I would do so in the exam in summer so as I said Paul this essay had not been set by my supervisor but I had taken it upon myself to write this essay and hand it in because I enjoyed the lecture series so I just finished this essay I am now going to head down to the gym today I think I’ve written two essays today which is pretty good yep so I did feel pretty productive today because I completed two essays I quickly before I went to the gym I just replied some YouTube comments because one of my blogs had just gone live the day before and I hadn’t had a chance to read any of those comments and reply to some of your messages so I just quickly did that and then it got changed to the gym and headed down for a bit of a breather and a break from work which I do every day I do not work continuously each day I always take breaks like for example today I took a bit longer making my lunch making some pancakes which was totally ok and it’s totally fine to do that and yes this is me on the cross trainer trying to say hello to you guys and also today I went to the gym because I think that it’s very important that you move your body and you exercise in different ways not only should you be stimulating your brain but also your muscles and it releases lots of endorphins to make you feel good like this is me pretending that I’m flying on the cross trainer when I just lift one leg off and I what you think it was so fun so following my little gym session I came back to my room and I read through the practicum notes quickly because the next day we were going to have a practical and often I find it useful to read what we’re gonna do beforehand so that I have some idea of what’s going to be going on I then made my dinner as you can see I’ve got that on my desk and then I started you plan a third essay which I didn’t actually write today but I just got a detailed plan done so that I could start on it straight away the next day and this one was for my third module self developmental biology so today I had done a good balance of work from each of my modules so just going back to the question as to how many essays I do write a week I can’t give you a definite answer to that question because as I said it varies and it just depends on what’s been set and also the amount of work that I want to do but it’s also quite good to keep in mind that not only am I here at Cambridge writing essays but I also get other work set by my supervisors I have to make sure that I am keeping up to date with the lecture notes looking ahead of what we’re gonna do in practicals making sure that I’m understanding everything so yes there is a lot more to do other than just write essays is basically what I’m trying to say anyway the final thing I did this evening because I didn’t just plan an essay I also wrote up some lecture notes and I know that this is a very highly requested video as to how I make my notes and especially how I do it with plain paper without any lines because I think that’s quite unusual but I will be doing that video definitely at some point very soon so please like this video if you enjoyed it but also like this video if you would like to see one about how I wrote my notes and also because I’ve talked about about essays in this one I suppose I should do one about how I write my essays as well how I go about planning them rewriting them so yes that finished my day of studying I basically got into the bed which I had made I was very proud of myself and yes I will speak to you in my next video guys if you are new around here and you’ve stayed to the end then emails or subscribe and also as I said please like this video I know you guys love to study with me so please hit that thumbs up and I will speak to you in my next video guys have an amazing rest of the week and I’ll see you all very soon

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