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Is”The Fourth Kind” actual? Is your documentary footage shown in the movie real or staged? In the wake of”Paranormal Activity,” is reality horror that the new trend? The new thriller”The Fourth Kind,” which opens with star Milla Jovovich talking directly to the viewers about the film’s authenticity, has raised some opinions concerning the credibility of its own claims and allegedly”real” footage. Though the jury remains out 100 percent, it’s safe to suppose that the footage utilized and the alien abduction narrative upon which the movie is based are a entire crock. Simply put, it is fake. In 2006, the Anchorage Daily News did a story on the disappearances in Nome, Alaska (town in which the film takes place) and supplied that the FBI’s conclusions concerning them. What were those decisions? The winter alcoholism and climate were to blame for the disappearances of 24 people over 40 years. Furthermore, All Business’ article on the subject Abducted by aliens? …you’re totally sane | Munster Express Online states that there isn’t any evidence to support that the movie’s key character ever existed at all. The movie uses what it involves”aliases” throughout. To further disperse the movie’s cheap reliance on its own unethical tactic, Universal has released a featurette with”paranormal researcher” Marie D. Jones (embedded below), asserting that the footage used displays real signs of alien abductions. Sure, but that is because that info is only accessible within the minds of paranormal researchers! It is not something that could be seen independent of their advice and replicated at a movie. With films like this and”Paranormal Activity” being broadly distributed, the horror pseudo-documentaries might well become fashionable (or, at least, rewarding ) again. Let’s hope there is a change of pace and the upcoming ones to assuredly emerge are considerably more convincing. Tagged as: documentary, fake, footage, movie, real, real or fake, actual story, revealed, secrets, staged, and the fourth kind, authentic story

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