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8 Music Library. Added an choice to rescan the music file tags for present products in the library Additional processing of Author tag for > Added processing of ARTISTSORT (TSOP), ALBUMARTISTSORT (TS02) and COMPOSERSORT (TSOC) tags to prov > Included a new dialog for selection of both artist and album scraper addons, and their settings. Additional more artist information that Musicbrainz prov > Included an Artist Information Folder – a one place for artist artwork and nfo.

This solves many troubles associated to artwork, artist information import and common folder and file construction Added guidance for Extended Artwork, making the area artwork that is picked up instantly on scan configurable. Added an solution to want scraped album handles to embedded visuals Included a filter to kind music products by media supply Enhanced use of BAND and ENSEMBLE (Vorbis and APE) tags. Improved handling of replicate MusicBrainzTrack > Enhanced dealing with of Cue Sheets Enhanced on-line scraping of more artist and album information producing greater use of Musicbrainz > Enhanced on clean up installs, change default music kind order to Observe Quantity Enhanced FileItem::IsSamePath for albums and artists to prevent untrue matches Enhanced album genre inconsistencies Enhanced performance by avo > Improved aid for fetching nearby artwork for multi-folder albums (disc sets) Changed Artist/Album Information Dialog Changed Track Information and facts Dialog. 1. 9 Website Scrapers. Added assistance for Python (script) based world-wide-web scrapers for Kodi Refactored and current many XML based mostly scrapers in Kodi for new music, motion pictures, tv demonstrates, and new music videos Up to date music, motion pictures, television set displays, and tunes video scrapers for Kodi. 1. 10 AudioEngine. Added a new Sndio sink for ActiveAE for BSD, other BSD Unix primarily based systems, and Linux Enhanced the default cross-platform function pushed energetic condition device pattern ActiveAE (Kodi’s AudioEngine) Improved ALSA sink for ActiveAE for Linux Desktop and generic Linux based Embedded Programs Enhanced PulseAudio sink for ActiveAE for Linux Desktop Enhanced OSS (Open up Audio System) sink for ActiveAE for BSD, like FreeBSD and similar BSD Unix dependent devices Improved AUDIOTRACK sink for ActiveAE for Amlogic Improved Pi Audio sink for ActiveAE for Raspberry Pi Improved DirectSound sink for ActiveAE for Windows Enhanced WASAPI sink for ActiveAE for Home windows Improved CoreAudio sink for ActiveAE for (Mac) OS X and iOS Enhanced Darwin sink for ActiveAE for (Mac) OS X and iOS Renamed AESINK to KODIAESINK. 1. 11 Other. Added a new unified placing for “Startup motion” and extra “Participate in Tv set/Radio” Added assist to create Kodi with help for Bluetooth Extra risk for CMake create procedure to insert extra libraries on put in Extra and current numerous audio visualization and screensaver addons for Kodi Enhanced Kodi’s JSON-RPC API Improved code balance, functionality. and safety, as very well as typical code cleanse-up in many main parts Enhanced compiling/developing and code documentation (next doxygen coding gu > Transformed XML structure of placing values for Kodi’s options configuration Up-to-date and enhanced mappings for new and current distant controls Current default world-wide-web interface (webinterface is named “Chorus2” and is at this time at version two. four. 4) Current critical dependency libraries these types of as openssl, gnutls, and CMake (used to compile Kodi and its binary addons) Taken off previous dependencies of SDL (Straightforward DirectMedia Layer) which was hardware abstraction for input devices Taken off all glew (libglew library) dependencies in Kodi’s code.

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